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                                                                       * REAL ESTATE SALES AND LISTINGS*  

MLS#10013868; 543 N. Day Street-Powell; $159,000

MLS #10012805  TBD Road 8 1/2
$295,000  25 Acres







In order to be considered for a Whitlock Development tenant please complete and return the
Renter Reference Sheet.doc



 574 N. Absaroka St.; 1 bed duplex, $450/month, tenant pays gas and electric.

582 N. Absaroka St.; large 2 bed, 1 bath apt.; $725/month includes utilities.

102 E. 7th St.; 2 bed, 1 bath apt.; $750/month includes utilities.


1580 32nd Street Unit B 2 Bedroom/2 Bath  $950 utilities included, 6 month lease. Broker owned.

 Andrew Whitlock, Broker/Owner/Certified Appraiser



Curtis Rohrer, Real Estate Agent